Lorraine Lewis

Co-Founder and CEO , The Lewis Foundation

Lorraine Lewis is Co-Founder and CEO of The Lewis Foundation, a cancer charity which provides free gift packs and support to adult cancer patients in 17 hospitals across the Midlands.

Lorraine is not just a charity leader, she is a motivational speaker, inspiring audiences ranging from school children to corporate professionals. She has given talks to organisations such as the Eden Project, European Chartered Institute of Fundraising and DeMontfort University Global Alumni. Lorraine's story has captured the attention of audiences nationwide. She has featured in publications like The Sun, Hello! and even made appearances on national TV such as Channel 4 News.

Lorraine has received a number of awards for her service to the community. She proudly holds the Hello! Magazine Inspiration Award, Great British Entrepreneur Award and the prestigious Prime Minister Point of Light Award.

Lorraine recently embraced the role of an author. Her memoir 'Dare To Dream,' shares her journey from a Lawyer to Co-Founder of The Lewis Foundation.