Kay Hallsworth

Chief Executive Officer , Gosport Voluntary action

Kay spent 28 years in the Royal Navy and QARNNS as both a nurse and as a Medical Services Officer and has worked across a wide variety of jobs in the UK and overseas. In 2020 she was named as the inaugural Naval Servicewoman of the Year. A compassionate and inclusive leader, she is a highly experienced specialist with a history of delivering medical operational capabilities in the Defence Medical Services. She left the Royal Navy in March 2021 to take up a position as the Operations Manager for The Association of Royal Navy Officers and Royal Navy Officers Charity where she has developed a keen interest in the charity and community sector. 

Kay is married to Neil and they have 2 children Carta, 16, and Hugh 11. She and Neil also run their own business Explorer Coffees, Kay is very much the silent partner! They have lived in Gosport for the past 7 years although Kay originally came to Gosport in 1992 as a student nurse. Both children are at local schools and the family have recently moved into their own home in Hardway. They are closely involved in the local community through local history and heritage organisations as well as school and youth sectors.