Zakat Awareness Week

National Zakat Foundation

With a flat budget but increasing costs on paid social we had to find a way of increasing our follower numbers and improving our organic reach ahead of our crucial 4 week fundraising period. To achieve this, we set out to design a cost-effective high impact piece of short-form content that would capture the imagination of our target audience - the UK’s Muslim community. We needed to design social media content that would educate and inform people of our work and a key pillar of their Islamic faith, but one that people often know little about. We secured the largest billboard in London, in Leicester Square, for one day, and placed the answers to 4 questions on the screen and then filmed voxpops with people, revealing the answers to the four questions on the screen behind them. This was hosted by a member of our own staff. The results were funny, heartwarming and revealing, leading to a 120% increase in our social media followers, 1.8 million instagram views and an 8:1 ROI.