Zach Eagling

Epilepsy Society

Zach Eagling is a simply extraordinary young man whose perseverance, commitment and selflessness have made a real difference for many people with epilepsy. Zach has cerebral palsy and epilepsy and in May 2020 was raising money for the Epilepsy Society when he became the victim of a malicious co-ordinated attack by internet trolls. Inspired by Captain Tom Moore, Zach was attempting to complete a 2.6km walk in his back yard – the first time he had ever walked unaided. His mum, Claire Keer, posted a video of Zach’s progress on Twitter and the trolls targeted it with flashing images designed to trigger a seizure in the brave schoolboy. The trolls also targeted the charity’s account and many of their followers. Undeterred, Zach continued his challenge but also became the figurehead for a major campaign led by the charity to bring the trolls to justice. As well as completing his walk, Zach appeared on national tv and across national media, highlighting the vile attacks on a vulnerable group of disabled people. At the Epilepsy Society, we believe that Zach Eagling is a fantastic example of a community campaigner who has struggled through adversity in order to raise money for others.