Refugee and Migrant Centre

This partnership between the Refugee and Migrant Centre in Wolverhampton, New Cross hospital TB team and Wolverhampton Public Health department aimed to identify and treat individuals in Wolverhampton who had latent TB- a 'sleeping', non-infectious form of TB that can develop into infectious TB if not treated. Participants were recruited from among RMC clients and the clinic was hosted at RMC's offices and RMCs staff and volunteers provided interpretation. The hospital TB team confirmed the eligibility of each participant, completed necessary paperwork and administered the test and then engaged positive clients in treatment.

The clinic was so successful that two other Midland CCGs subsequently engaged RMC to host clinics for them. Over 700 clients have thus far been tested, 230 proved positive and the vast majority engaged with and completed their treatment. It is probable that this has prevented more than 20 cases of infectious TB. In a region which has more than double the average incidence of infectious TB, this is a significant contribution to community health..

The clinics are ongoing, they have been the most successful of their kind in the country, and RMC are now also involved in disseminating learning and contributing to knowledge in the field.