War Child UK

October 11th 2019, marked International 'Day of the Girl' a UN ratified day to celebrate and support girls across the world. Children's charity War Child UK organised events focusing on female protagonists in games & female representation in the industry, while raising vital funds to support the most vulnerable children affected by conflict.

The charity teamed up with partners throughout the gaming industry to host a number of video game sales across Steam, Google Play and, a female-focused industry panel in addition to charity livestreams from Bethesda Softworks, Turtle Rock Studios, OpheliaNoir and content creator Hannah Rutherford.

The events aimed to highlight and address the needs and challenges girls face, while encouraging empowerment and the fulfilment of their human rights. Girls are among the most vulnerable and marginalised in conflict. War Child UK provides protection, education, and livelihood opportunities for children and communities affected by war, including supporting girls on the issues that most affect them such as early marriage, girls education, and girls rights.