When you give a little, we can change a lot


Nobody should have to skip meals so that their children can eat. Thanks to the cost of living crisis many families struggle to make ends meet, missing meals and coping without heating.

This is impacting automotive industry workers significantly more than the general population; financial hardship in this community is escalating.

Ben, the automotive charity provides life-changing support to families facing crisis, but the number needing help is rising, fast. Awareness of the enormous challenges facing these families is low; the charity knew it needed to uplevel its marketing in order to reach its fundraising goals.

Our fundraising team selected creative agency, MOREVER, to create a Christmas film as part of a wider campaign to show what life is like for the many working families, who even at Christmas, don’t have everything they need to survive, and how Ben can help. ‘Placeholders' was the result. It was launched at the ‘Ben Ball’, our annual fundraising ball, and was then posted to its digital channels and emailed to existing donors or referenced in a hard copy letter with a link to the video. It also attracted considerable trade press coverage.