Wetwheels Hamble

Wetwheels Hamble

Wetwheels Hamble is run & led by a team of committed volunteers. We build people with disabilities confidence by providing the opportunity to access the sea in a fun, safe, stimulating and rewarding way on our specially built, fully accessible powerboat. Volunteers take afloat people of all ages and all disabilities.

Our water-based adventurous activity experiences are delivered by experienced volunteers who ensure each person can share experiences, challenge their self-perceptions, extend their horizons, take mental respite and discover new opportunities.

The boat is fully accessible to all disabled people - even those with the most profound and complex disabilities. Beneficiaries are active participants, rather than simply passengers, with the opportunity to steer the vessel. This sensory experience is truly inclusive, builds confidence, and improves aspirations and wellbeing.

By building confidence, we overcome attitudinal barriers that may prevent disabled people from undertaking more of the activities they would like to do and address mental ill health.

By being innovative and finding new opportunities, we are growing year on year to allow more disabled people to get afloat.

We are a small organisation but deliver big, punching well above our weight!