Having fixed the water problem at an African school, WellBoring discovered the scale of the problem: Water-borne diseases claim thousands of Kenyan lives each year. WellBoring envisioned Water for 100 Kenyan Schools, to improve the health, education and lives of 50,000 schoolchildren. We worked hand in glove with a local drilling team. Together, we engaged local school leaders who supported each project. Using a simple handpump technology and partnering with schools, each well could cost as little as £5,000.

Potential donors heard that £5 would get safe water for a person and £5,000 a whole school, and readily came on board. Larger donations started to be made. With safe water, actual school attendance increased, enrolment grew, and water was shared with the local community, improving even more lives, so the total number of beneficiaries may be close to 100,000.

Schools pay for maintenance, making this a long-term sustainable solution. WellBoring's annual income grew tenfold to £288,000 in 2019-20. WellBoring is still small, but it is thinking big, and determined to accomplish much more.