War Child's 'Bombs Are Still Falling' Ukraine Campaign, Featuring Gillian Anderson

War Child UK

War Child’s ‘Bombs Are Still Falling’ Ukraine Campaign was designed around a video advert initially made for Facebook and Instagram paid social channels. The advert featured War Child Ambassador Gillian Anderson, highlighting our ongoing work supporting Ukrainian children, to inspire potential supporters to become regular giving donors.

The video script was co-written with Gillian Anderson and filmed on her visit to Ukraine to meet children War Child work with, resulting in a powerful and deeply authentic piece.

From creating bespoke Gillian Anderson themed supporter journeys and incentives, as well as expanding on the campaigns initial success to break into previously untested channels such as DRTV, the campaign was fully optimised in several ways.

The campaign results blew every target and metric set out of the water and has unlocked many new and exciting opportunities and audiences, including a YouTube strategy and more Ambassador-led propositions.