Video Advice Kiosks

Toynbee Hall and Debt Free Advice

The Debt Free Advice Video Kiosks offer an additional means of access to impartial and, most importantly, free debt advice. Inside a soundproof booth, a simple green button on a tablet can connect you to a debt adviser within 90 seconds, providing a confidential and private space for vital debt counselling. Our remote debt advisers extend comprehensive support to clients, ranging from budgeting assistance and drafting financial statements to offering counsel on both priority and non-priority debts. They can also assist with debt disputes, advise on recovery actions and act on a client's behalf. The additional appointment feature on the tablet enables ongoing cases to be managed effectively. By scanning a QR code from a letter, a client is directly linked to an advisor equipped with relevant background details.

This innovation marks a radical transformation in the landscape of advisory services. The Video Advice Kiosks provide a much needed lifeline, offering accessible financial guidance where it's needed most. So far, they have been deployed across the Greater London area in food banks, community centres, GP surgeries, libraries and even prisons--empowering individuals with the tools they need for a debt-free future!