Vaccine Voices

British Red Cross

As the UK’s Covid-19 vaccine roll-out gained pace, concerns began to grow over high levels of vaccine hesitancy in some Black and Asian communities. The British Red Cross urgently commissioned extensive insight to better understand the issue, before launching a nationwide campaign to make sure accurate, factual information reached hesitant communities. The campaign brought together our clinical expertise, the lived experience of B.A.M.E voices and engaging and multi-language creatives, to bust myths and encourage informed vaccine conversations in families. Our digital, radio and nationwide outdoor advertising campaign was complemented by our work with trusted Black and Asian voices, including popular influencers, celebrities and health professionals, on social media and PR. In just six weeks, our integrated campaign had a combined reach of 90 million, driving a quarter of a million people to visit our online Vaccine Hub, for trustworthy, clinically accurate information. We shared our insight with NHS and charity partners to inform wider action. The overall proportion of ethnic minority Britons who had either had or were likely to have the vaccine jumped from 77% in January to 92% at the end of March 2021.We are proud of the part we played in building vaccine confidence.