Urgent Assistance Fund

Aberlour Children's Charity

In March 2020 Aberlour responded to the Coronavirus and lockdown by embarking on a major fundraising campaign to enable our Urgent Assistance Fund to support families in Scotland plunged into financial crisis. Aberlour subsequently raised more than £1 million to provide essentials to over 3,000 families affected by unemployment, reduced hours, school closures, energy poverty, domestic abuse and a range of other challenges. We gave cash grants in response to applications by teachers, social workers, Health Visitors and other professionals working with families in need. The funds were used to buy essentials like food and power, as well as basic things families lacked like cookers, fridges and children's beds. The success of the campaign ensured that Aberlour has been able to give a grant to every family which has submitted an eligible application. We have helped mothers fleeing violence; families affected by mental health crises; young people lacking family support; and children with additional needs. Over 1,100 people and organisations donated, helping Aberlour to be there for thousands of families with nowhere else to turn.