Unseen Kingdoms

End Youth Homelessness

Last year 121,000 16-25 year olds asked their local authority for help because they were either worried about or already experiencing homelessness. But what does it mean to be young and homeless? How does it feel? As part of End Youth Homelessness’ (EYH) partnership with The Body Shop, we wanted the public to hear from young people who could authentically share their experience of homelessness. We wanted to challenge the misconceptions around youth homelessness and show that homelessness is not a fault or choice. Unseen is a word often associated with youth homelessness. It’s how young people experiencing homelessness tell us they feel and with less than 20% of homeless young people rough sleeping, it’s often how they are perceived by the public as well. Produced by TCO, ‘Unseen Kingdoms’ is a documentary film series, featuring women who have been affected by homelessness. Paired with a spoken word poet ‘Unseen Kingdoms’ helped two young women transform their experiences into compelling, powerful and emotive stories. Importantly, these films shine a light on the impact homelessness has on young women and provide a platform for them to reclaim their narrative.