TurnAround Mentors

Wilderness Foundation UK

Our TurnAround mentors provide one to one mentoring and support for the participants of our 6 month TurnAround programme, meeting regularly, whilst also volunteering their time for the monthly weekend workshops and wilderness trails that are an integral part of the project. All mentors provide a vital support network to the programme and are carefully matched to each individual participant who they meet on a weekly basis discussing life goals, expectations, experiences of the programme itself whilst also gaining trust and keeping a track of the mental wellbeing of each young person until graduation. Often our young people who are highly vulnerable and struggling with their mental health just need to know that someone has their back, and see our mentors as a steadying support whilst they work out next steps and build on their coping skills. During the pandemic our Mentors volunteered up their time on evenings and weekends and were also available in between sessions when required. Their commitment to the participants continues to be unwavering with our mentors playing an integral role in the success of the programme over the last 14 years.