Tracey Bleakley

Hospice UK

In 2016, the hospice sector was fiercely independent and Hospice UK was perceived as a trade body. By changing our beneficiaries from institutions to anyone needing support around death, dying or bereavement, Tracey refocused the organisation and sector to achieve a big goal – access for all. Data, evidence, trust and collaboration were all essential, as was a clear strategy and vision that all the Hospice UK staff, 40,000 hospice staff, over 2000 trustees and 125,000 volunteers could buy into. By 2020, we thought a 10% increase in patients was a huge achievement, but the pandemic meant hospices were set to lose £70M per month in fundraised income. Tracey devised a bold idea and negotiated an unprecedented commercial contract with government to bring in over £320M additional funding for hospices through the pandemic. In doing so prevented over 50 hospices being lost to insolvency and many more turning away thousands of families in need. She then spent months managing the contract as well as securing free PPE for hospices, setting up a national PPE logistics network, launching a national trauma and bereavement helpline to support NHS staff and overseeing weekly clinical support to 200 palliative care teams around the UK.