Tony Everett

Band of Builders

Tony Everett is a committed volunteer for two charities: Band of Builders (BoB) and ANON.

It was whilst volunteering on a BoB project that Tony came across ANON, which was supplying food for the hardworking volunteers. Inspired by their story, he decided to volunteer for ANON, alongside continuing to volunteer for BoB. His commitment to such different causes evidences Tony’s compassion for a range of issues and willingness to help others.

BoB completes practical projects to help those in the construction industry who are battling illness or injury. As well as his hands-on involvement in the practical aspects of these repair and renovation projects, Tony has taken the project lead role on several.

ANON is a Norwich-based charity that feeds the homeless and vulnerable. Tony was initially a volunteer and then became a team leader at ANON, overseeing the collection of food donations, preparation of hot meals, and distribution of food and other necessities.

Tony’s key achievements for BoB include taking part in 11 projects and being the project lead on four, transforming the lives of the beneficiaries. For ANON, he recently organised 40 volunteers across nine locations to distribute 2,800 items to those in need.