Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa

Career Ready

Since joining Career Ready as CEO in January 2020, Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa has had immediate success in shaping the objectives and culture of Career Ready, leading the organisation through the challenges of COVID-19. Career Ready’s mission is to improve the social mobility of young people by providing them with a range of workplace experiences, opportunities, and support. As a leader, Tokunbo embodies this ethos and mission. He grew up in a single-parent family East London and went on to study at University of the Arts, London. Prior to working in the third sector, he enjoyed a successful career in the media. He was a Cabinet Office appointed Social Enterprise Ambassador from 2007-2010 and invited to 10 Downing Street to advise on diversity, youth development, and social entrepreneurship. 2020 was a year of extreme challenges for Career Ready and the wider sector, yet Tokunbo has led Career Ready to achieve success in three key areas, demonstrating leadership excellence in: 1. Programme delivery and impact 2. Financial security 3. Culture and wellbeing 4. Thought-leadership For these reasons, and the inspiration he has brought to the Career Ready team, Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa has stood out as a rising star within the charity sector.