British Stammering Association

Under Tim Fell's stewardship the British Stammering Association has transformed from a slightly stuffy, inward focussed organisation to a bold and confident charity, Stamma, with a renewed purpose, to change public understanding of what it means to stammer.

The organisation has blossomed over the last year, with increasing levels of volunteering, membership, expanded service provision, and its first outdoor advertising campaign. Competition to stand for the Board is has been fierce these past two years, usually with 100% attendance and engaged and active Trustees.

Tim has consistently led from the front whether internally on the Board, publically about policy, or persuading members about the new strategy and brand. He travelled up and down the UK listening and talking to local groups and members about the rebrand and the new strategy, even uploading a video on Facebook. He put his full support behind the predominantly new staff team, he has revolutionised Board meetings and the way in which items have been discussed, and has consistently inspired members with his fundraising, maintaining at all times a visible, reassuring presence to all members. Always willing to listen to any member, new idea, complaint or compliment.