The Unconditional Appeal

The Leprosy Mission

The Unconditional Appeal was launched by The Leprosy Mission and GOOD Agency to help rid Mozambique of leprosy by shining a light on this curable disease. The UK Aid match-funded campaign beat its target by 140%, raising enough money to treat over 80% of the annual new leprosy cases in world! The appeal’s manifesto is designed to ‘give people the tools to build a bright future, free from the stigma of leprosy. That’s unconditional.’ It aimed to widen support for the cause, bringing supporters closer to the individuals they are supporting and demonstrating that TLM is empowering and community led. By amplifying the voices in the Mozambique community, the campaign bridged the divide of ‘us’ and ‘them’, inviting collaboration and unity against leprosy. The appeal partnered the UK public with communities of Leprosy Changemakers in Mozambique. These included health workers, traditional healers, religious leaders, public speakers, and volunteers. All would be trained to influence their communities to end leprosy transmission, disability, and discrimination. We told their stories and showcased their personalities to break down the stigma surrounding the disease. It was an unprecedented success, raising over £4.2m and changing the lives of the people living in Mozambique and beyond.