The Ultimate Vow

Alzheimer's Society, New Commercial Arts, Medialab

The Ultimate Vow shines a light on the everyday reality of living with dementia, and Alzheimer’s Society’s commitment to help end the devastation it causes.

We follow married couple Adam and Laura as they struggle in the lead up to, and following, Adam’s dementia diagnosis. This is entwined in the narrative of Adam struggling to make a cup of tea. Over the film, we hear Laura narrating her wedding vows, creating a powerful juxtaposition with one of the happiest days of her life to the most testing times of their relationship. Just as the couple vowed to be there for one another in sickness and in health, Alzheimer’s Society vows to be there for everyone living with dementia, embodied in the arrival of an Alzheimer’s Society Dementia Adviser. The film ends with a donation ask to ‘help end the devastation caused by dementia’, narrated by Colin Firth. Broadcast across TV and cinema as part of a 2-month integrated campaign to maximise reach and impact, this film aims to raise awareness of the help and hope Alzheimer’s Society provides, rise vital funds, and put dementia front and centre of people’s minds.