The last year has been an exciting and eventful one for Settle. We've worked hard to provide intensive support to 63 vulnerable young people who are at risk of eviction from their first tenancies and supported them to have the best start to living independently. From welcoming 6 new members of staff to our team, creating partnerships in a new market and increasing our annual income by over 50%, it's been a busy year. We're proud that through delivering 508 1:1 support hours - double the hours compared to the previous year - we've ensured that out of a cohort of our young people, 96% kept their homes. Furthermore, 92% of our Programme graduates said they agree or strongly agree that they feel more confident managing their tenancies.

Additionally, our remote service delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic inspired us to build a new remote service, to further scale our programme and work with young people outside London. We're using our learnings and building on the successes of this year, to continue to grow Settle. In 2021/2022, we aim to reach 250 vulnerable young people and support them to achieve their personal goals, plan for their futures and keep their homes.