The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity

Over the past year the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity’s Finance Team have delivered on a systems and process revolution, while meeting the increased financial demands that Covid has brought onto an NHS charity. We are a small team and to deliver required everyone (Patrick, Wendy, Elnaz, Camila, Ravi and Michael) being integral parts of a “high 5” of projects. 1.Implement a brand-new, cloud-based accounting system 2.Bring in-house HR and payroll for the first time in the history of the Charity 3.Renew all finance processes to enable remote working 4.Replace a third of our IT equipment and rollout new Microsoft (Windows 10 and Office 365) software for all users 5.Re-budget to assure the financial resilience of the charity The backdrop of Covid meant an already ambitious plan had to pivot to adapt to a changing world. This fundamental change to everything the finance team is involved in was done seamlessly, without overspend, or audit exceptions, and supporting grants of over £39m to The Royal Marsden NHS Foundation Trust, including £2m for Covid. We are immensely proud to have virtually re-written the book on how we do finance and what finance means to the Charity.