The Nurse Helpline

Royal Osteoporosis Society

At a time when many people are struggling to see their healthcare providers, health concerns can be particularly daunting, especially for the older people the disease disproportionally affects. Add to this the postcode lottery for Fracture Liaison Services in England and Wales, low public awareness and under-diagnosis of the condition, and you have a perfect storm. Our Helpline has managed to not only step in for the NHS, answering 225,000 calls since records began, but adapt to make a real difference to people’s lives.

The team continued to offer their amazing service throughout the pandemic, listening to callers with patience and compassion, and providing reassurance and information. 95% of callers said they felt more able to manage their osteoporosis because of their call and the same number said they were able to have more informed conversations with healthcare providers. By introducing digital support services where one Specialist Nurse can speak to audiences of thousands, our nurses have thrown themselves into learning new skills to reach even more people than ever before. For 30 years, the nurses have been a lifeline to so many people with nowhere else to turn and we think it’s time to celebrate them.