The motherhood Plan

Pregnant Then Screwed

We are a small team that packs an almighty punch. In the eight years since we launched we have become a force to be reckoned with, changing legislation, improving lives and raising awareness of the motherhood penalty.

In the last 12 months, we have achieved: 1,178 mentions of our work in national and international media. We supported 66,951 women with free advice and support on everything from legal rights at work, to benefits, to mental health and the information about the covid vaccine. We secured over £1.3 million for women who used our services. Our work was mentioned in Parliament every 10 days. We supported the development of 3 Bills which have Ministerial support and we staged the largest protest of mothers the UK has ever seen to demand childcare reform. During the Spring Budget in March 2023, the Chancellor announced plans to invest an additional £4 billion in childcare. This is the most significant investment in childcare ever announced. That same day, our founder was invited to a meeting with the Secretary of State for Education and the Minister for Children to congratulate Pregnant Then Screwed on our successful campaign.