The May 50K

MS International Federation

Having never run a public fundraising campaign previously, the MS International Federation piloted The May 50K in four countries in 2020. We launched on the day the UK went into lockdown, and while COVID raged around the world, but our amazing fundraisersy raised £700,000 against a target of just £100,000. We built a community of around 11,000 fundraisers from almost nothing, around 50% of whom had no link to MS previously. Our ROI was nearly 10:1. It also meant MSIF went from forecasting a loss in 2020 to being able to commit to life-changing international projects and supporting our members through an incredibly difficult year. In 2021 we wanted to share this success with our members and were joined by three of our members to pilot a shared income model that has proved to be very successful. We're on target to raise over £1.1m this year and we hope to be joined by up to six more members from around the world in 2022.