The Great Relay - United We Ride

Two Wheels for Life

Motorcycles – they have a bit of a reputation, don’t they? But did you know, they save lives? For many of us, owning a motorcycle is a luxury – a pleasure in life. However, in Sub-Saharan Africa motorcycles aren’t a luxury, but of vital importance to the health of their nation. Motorcycles are the only effective way of delivering life-saving healthcare to the most rural and hard to reach communities. From curbing sudden outbreaks of disease, to tackling HIV/AIDS, TB, malaria and most recently, COVID-19, motorcycles are a health worker’s best friend. We may have access to the best medicines and vaccines in the World, but if you can’t get them to the people who so desperately need them, then these treatments have no value.

That’s why Harley-Davidson created The Great Relay fundraising ride - an epic 20,000km relay tour through 16 European countries, uniting over 25,000 Harley-Davidson owners to support the charitable work of Two Wheels for Life. With their admirable dedication and generosity, they raised over £50,000 in support of the charity’s mission to use motorcycles (the vehicle of which they share a great passion) to deliver vital healthcare for people living in the toughest conditions across Africa.