The Encephalitis Society

Encephalitis Society

Encephalitis is brain inflammation. It has a high mortality rate, survivors can be left permanently brain injured, with epilepsy, fatigue, isolation, loneliness, cognitive, behavioural and emotional difficulties, physical challenges and issues with memory and personality.

Each year more than 500,000 people globally are diagnosed with encephalitis. Even with treatment, up to 4 in 10 people will die. Despite its prevalence 77% of the general public do not know what encephalitis is and knowledge amongst medical and health professionals is low. Founded in 1994, we are the only charity of any size anywhere else in the world, supporting people affected by encephalitis, funding medical research and raising awareness. If we did not exist, then the 500,000 people affected by encephalitis each year would have nowhere to turn. Through our four key delivery areas; expert support and information , awareness and education, research and expertise and fundraising, our small, passionate and talented team are a shining light in a dark place.