The Coronavirus Appeal: Creating Change Together

National Emergencies Trust and NatWest Group

On 18th March 2020 we launched the Coronavirus Appeal in anticipation COVID-19 would impact millions across the UK in ways we could never imagine. NatWest Group stepped in at breakneck speed with a fundraising partnership that would epitomise its new purpose-led strategy. The ambition was two-fold: 1.To raise £10million for the Coronavirus Appeal to help as many people as possible 2.Strengthen National Emergencies Trust’s profile ready for the next domestic disaster We’d never had any corporate fundraising partners so every step we took together broke new ground, but NatWest Group proved an incredible partner. They offered Group-wide support, were truly collaborative and embedded our partnership right through the business, from customer apps, to colleague fundraising to co-branded media that supported the Appeal and gave us valuable brand profile for the future. NatWest Group has strengthened relationships and reputation, the Appeal has raised nearly £100m and National Emergencies Trust is recognised by 36% of the public. In short, this has been a partnership of true mutual gain. By helping the National Emergencies Trust to deliver on its founding mission - to be trusted in times of need - NatWest Group has been able to deliver on its own Purpose.