The Bread and Butter Thing

TBBT makes life more affordable for people on a low income, builds stronger communities and reduces food waste using an innovative and self-sustaining approach to the redistribution of surplus food and non-food items. Its long-term aim is to address the premiums that people in poverty pay for everyday essentials simply because of their personal circumstances. By taking the best elements of services such as food banks and social supermarkets, and developing a robust, operational backbone, we have created a smarter, streamlined way of working that maximises resource and minimises waste. Our affordable food service is simple, self-sustaining and cost-effective. This year has seen a 239% increase in our work with membership growing 75% from 8000 – 14000 members. More than just alleviating food insecurity or helping our members feed their families and eat more healthily, TBBT is about empowering people and building stronger, resilient communities. We enable people to better manage limited funds; connect with their neighbours; reduce loneliness. Working in partnership with the food industry and our community hubs, we are helping to transform lives with sustainable, long-term support which brings economic, social and environmental benefits.