The Brain Tumour Charity

The Charity is delighted to have 23 Young Ambassadors who volunteer and help us by sharing their deeply personal experiences of a brain tumour. Their thoughts and reflections in words, pictures, and on social media are a powerful way to reach out to all individuals who come to us for help, and in a way that is as encouraging and positive as possible.

The Young Ambassadors have filled their year with working to raise awareness, meet and support individuals with brain tumours, and their families, and addressing donors and government officials. The value of their contribution through volunteering involves them with The Charity's future plans and strategy at the highest level and we consider ourselves fortunate to have their enthusiasm and deep commitment.

It is to the credit of our Young Ambassadors that they react to the most harsh life experiences by wanting to give their time and put other people first. They demonstrate a generosity of spirit and immense courage at a point when their own lives are interrupted, put on hold or changed forever and we are eternally grateful for their involvement and we feel this Award would be a fabulous way to celebrate their achievements.