Thank you, legacy DRTV Ad

Leukaemia UK and 11 London

Leukaemia UK (LUK) launched a touching Legacy DRTV campaign, "Thank You," to inspire legacy gifts and broaden its audience reach. In collaboration with 11 London and Madam production company, the campaign was developed under tight financial constraints and aimed to establish a deep emotional connection with the audience by steering clear of industry stereotypes. This was achieved by presenting a narrative that juxtaposed the harsh realities of leukaemia with the hopeful prospects of ongoing research.

The film features two characters, connected through their experiences with leukaemia, who narrate their reasons for leaving legacies to LUK. Filmed in a single day at West Wittering Beach, the film successfully aired on ITV3 and ITV4, reaching approximately 8.1 million viewers with a modest budget. This strategic choice maximized the campaign’s impact, as reflected in significant increases in web traffic, online donations, and engagement with LUK's Supporter Careline during its airing.

While the long-term effects of the campaign on legacy giving will unfold over time, early indicators like increased donations and engagement suggest a strong immediate impact, fulfilling its goal to encourage viewers to consider supporting LUK through gifts in their wills.