Telling stories, having fun, gaining support: Using social media to re-establish North Devon Hospice's market position

North Devon Hospice

North Devon Hospice’s care is uplifting and inspiring, and it’s the most rewarding place to work too. But that’s tough to convey, when communities are uncomfortable confronting death, and most local folk already have a preconception of the hospice (we’ve been around 40 years!). Enter our social media team!..

In the last year, we showcased the real world of North Devon Hospice, demystifying a much-misunderstood facility. The strategy showed that our care is all about life, not death. We also strived to make North Devon Hospice first choice as a local employer, attracting outstanding people to drive our charity’s future.

We danced, lip-synched, smiled, pulled back the curtain. Real people were at the heart of our content. We talked openly about death. Care teams went from social sceptics to Instagram stars. We gave voice to our patients and families, instead of hiding them away.

The results? - Best fundraising year in a decade, hitting £1.6m for the first time ever (40% increase on last year) - Record social followers, up 40% - Record reach, up 500% - 120% increase in care-based content - 100% successful recruitment (30% more candidates than last year, reduction of recruitment time of 25%)