Team Martin and Yvette


This is a story of how a small support team worked tirelessly to ensure that two people, Martin and Yvette, were supported to lead the life that they had always dreamed of. This energetic group of support workers spent over a year going beyond their usual high standards of care and support to transform into an extraordinary wedding planning team for Martin and Yvette.

As Martin’s sister explains, getting married was important to Martin “He used to say ‘I will get married one day and have a home of my own.’ It was always a dream of Martin’s, someone special just for him.” Margaret Harmen, Martin’s Sister There was no mountain that the team wouldn’t move to ensure that the journey from first signs of love through to the wedding, ran smoothly for the couple. Thanks to support from the team, Martin and Yvette tied the knot surrounded by their family and friends in August last year. The team paid so much attention to every little detail – not only was it magical, it was as if Vogue had overseen the ceremony!