Twins Trust

In 2019 Tamba celebrated its 40th year. The charity had achieved so many great things for multiple birth families across the UK and with the multiple birth rate at an all-time high, we wanted to do more to help and support families with twins, triplets and more. Tamba was well known among the multiple births community, but relatively unheard of among the general public; a situation we wanted to change. Outside the multiple birth community there was a lack of awareness of the charity or even of the need for such a charity.

The Twins and Multiple Births Association is a long name and the word association could create a perception that Tamba was a group rather than a charity. Tamba was used very often to describe the charity, but didn't tell people what the charity did, or who we represented. In addition the term multiples is meaningless to the general population.

We set new ambitious objectives to save more lives, reduce expectant parents' anxiety and help prevent parents from developing postnatal depression and to help us achieve these objectives, we made the big decision to change our name to 'Twins Trust' we support twins, triplets and more'