British Red Cross

This year our Supporter Marketing & Engagement team have really excelled and bettered themselves.

The British Red Cross has been known by the industry as investing heavily in traditional forms of fundraising and is perhaps not as well known for its innovation. But in 2019, we made real progress in turning this around, transitioning from a more hierarchical structure with siloed teams, to one large multi-skilled team. This has meant upskilling and adapting to new media, so that team members can just as easily work on a press campaign as they can a digital journey or a new product. With the advent of coronavirus, existing plans had to be thrown out, and the team had to create new campaigns in record time. Plus, with ambitions to increase the relevance of the Red Cross and to position ourselves as central to the UK response, we knew we couldn't follow the status quo.

This meant our first road test of our new, dynamic team structure all while adjusting to home working. Throughout, the team showed a willingness to adapt, patience during teething issues, and a real passion for fundraising and the cause.

Ultimately, this led to us vastly exceeding our targets.