Style with EACH

East Anglia's Children's Hospices (EACH)

Style with EACH is a new, vibrant social media brand identity for an online fashion boutique, to incorporate our organisational values while keeping the brand separate from our high street stores. With a strapline ‘fashion that doesn’t cost the earth’, it has two meanings: fashion that’s cost effective and one that recycles, diverting clothing that would normally be sent to landfill by their owners.

We created new standalone Style with EACH brand accounts on Instagram and TikTok; a new platform to us. Our new channels have been used to promote high quality, high value items listed on our boutique, along with using it to engage with our audience by filming fun and light-hearted Reels and TikTok trends. This has gained thousands upon thousands of views and growing levels of engagement. In April alone our posts reached 35,834 unique accounts. What we’ve achieved with Style with EACH is incredibly innovative and a type of content few charities have ventured into. We’ve started reaching a new younger audience (our donors of the future) and created a successful, sustainable new income stream.