Stephen Bedson

Career Connect

We are nominating our St Helens Team Leader Ste Bedson for the Unsung Hero Award in recognition of his outstanding commitment, innovative methods, and the transformative impact his work has had.

Ste and his team support NEET young people in St Helens. The young people Ste works with face multiple and complex barriers to accessing services. He strongly believes in treating beneficiaries as individuals rather than defining them solely by the challenges they face. This approach has played a key role in Ste’s achievements. During the pandemic Ste ensured the uninterrupted delivery of services, understanding that this continuity of service was crucial to keep hard to reach young people engaged. By the end of 2020 the team had reduced the number of NEET young people in St Helens to the lowest ever recorded in the area. This was a significant achievement given the challenge the team faced in moving from face-to-face to virtual delivery, and the scarcity of employment opportunities available for young people in the local area. Ste is a consistent force for good and is always looking for ways to be a better leader or provide a better service for the young people he works with.