Stefanie Reid MBE

The Leprosy Mission

It’s a rare gift when a celebrity comes into your charity with a genuine understanding of your cause, a personal link to the people you serve, and a passion to bring change. Stef Reid MBE has been that gift to The Leprosy Mission.

In 2021, Stef agreed to front The Leprosy Mission’s 2022 Greater Heights Campaign to build a new Research Centre at Anandaban Hospital in Nepal. She had visited people affected by leprosy in Nepal in 2020 and returned home passionate about raising awareness of this forgotten disease. As a biochemist, she understood the importance of research in the fight to end leprosy. Stef is a shining light for people affected by leprosy. The shared experience of disability transcends language and cultural barriers. When she shares her story about what she has achieved following her amputation as a teenager, it renews motivation and hope for people in despair. It’s no surprise that Stef’s genuine, compassionate approach saw the campaign raise £2.2million against a target of £500,000. Stef has successfully engaged both new and existing supporters, which will increase future income. In addition, she has undoubtedly raised the profile of The Leprosy Mission.