STEAM House Cafe (Free to access high street mental health cafes)

Access Community Trust

STEAM House Cafes are a network of charitable adult (18+) mental health and wellbeing hubs situated across Norfolk and Suffolk. Provided by regional charity Access Community Trust, the free to access service is open daily, daytime and evenings, seven days a week for drop-in and professional referrals.

Working in unison with statutory providers including the NHS, GP’s, Local Authorities, Police and localised VCFSE organisations, STEAM provides safe spaces with a unique and engaging person-centred holistic approach to crisis and general mental health support within a non-clinical setting. All of STEAM’s support/activities are proudly developed using a trauma-informed framework. In addition to mental health assistance, STEAM has sensitively evolved its offering and introduced a growing range of additional support including money-saving workshops, financial resilience assistance and access to pathways to employment/training advisors that help support clients facing further challenges due of the Cost of Living Crisis. Based on community impact achieved over the last year, STEAM has recently launched two Young Persons wellbeing service hubs to support the growing number of under 18+ struggling with their mental health. To find out more about STEAM House Cafes visit