British Stammering Association

Our new brand takes ownership of stammering. It shakes up the stuffy world of The King's Speech and places it in the mouths of real people who stammer. Our messaging visually stammers and blocks. The letters and colours are bold and noisy. We aren't ashamed.

Historically used as a comic device, stammering is a subject mired in ignorance. It's seen as a defect, not a disability, if seen at all, leaving those who stammer often feeling the need to hide their stammer.

STAMMA will be seen.

The brand treatment of typography, matched with bold photography and an assertive and non-apologetic tone, challenges the idea that people who stammer should stay hidden; challenges the reader to look closer; challenges the very perception of what it is to be someone who stammers in the world today.

As a society we need to see that people who stammer are as capable, talented, flawed and brilliant as everyone else; that they deserve respect and shouldn't be made to feel ashamed.

This is a brand to help us deliver that change, we've woven into our new website and materials and into the essence of the charity.