Specialist Domestic Abuse Service for Polish Women and their Children in the UK


OPOKA is a charity dedicated to supporting Polish women and their children in escaping from abusive relationships. Established as a pilot project in May 2012 and officially registered with the Charity Commission in July 2021, OPOKA has been a beacon of light for those facing domestic violence. Through various bilingual services such as a Helpline, practical support, DV Outreach counselling, therapy, and therapeutic programmes for women and children OPOKA offers a holistic approach to help survivors rebuild their lives. Moreover, OPOKA conducts psycho-educational workshops and provides training for professionals, ensuring that support is available at every level. Currently, with 9 places in two Safe Houses, OPOKA offers safety for Polish mothers and their children seeking to break free from violent environments. The dedication and commitment of the team at OPOKA serve as a reminder that there is always help and support available for those in need. Every step taken towards healing and empowerment is a step towards a brighter and more hopeful future. At OPOKA we create a world where every individual feels safe, valued, and empowered, we want to continue to spread awareness, support one another, and stand united against domestic violence.