The Sparkle Foundation

Innovation has been at the heart of Sparkle's response to COVID-19 which has seen a number of projects implemented in communities across Malawi. From the women's group sewing face masks for all of our community members, to our staff creating our own antiseptic hand sanitizer and supplying it locally, to homeschooling all of our children socially distanced, to distributing hundreds of food packages to our most vulnerable families to ensure they are fed throughout the period schools and charities have been forced to close. We have installed hand washing facilities in 17 villages, and provided training to chiefs and key committee members in Zomba about the signs and symptoms of COVID, as well as arming them with posters and resources to spread the word.

Our on-site clinic has opened its doors to all of our community and through our partnership with the district health, we have expanded our services to support the overflow of COVID patients in government hospitals. Our cars are working around the clock to act as ambulances to take any critically ill patients to the nearest hospital and we have teamed up with other small charities in our area to support them through this crisis.