SOS Silence of Suicide

SOS Silence of Suicide

SOS Silence of Suicide has had a phenomenal 12 months. Growing from a micro charity staffed by two people and a small group of dedicated volunteers it has now grown in the past 12 months to a medium sized charity.

SOS is a leader and not a follower, realising that what was it out there already is not enough, not always the answer, but individually and collectively we think outside the box, hence the 1 May and the mobile units. Developing innovative and pioneering services for those who are suffering from poor mental health and thoughts of suicide.

In the past year alone, SOS has received over 35,000 calls to its freephone helpline. In the autumn of 2023, SOS produced two TV adverts to date over 43,169 people have viewed them.

In April 2024 SOS launched the first two of its mobile wellbeing vehicles, a brand-new concept, that will see mental health support taken to where it is needed.

On the 1st May 2024 SOS held its inaugural annual remembrance day for those bereaved by suicide, in collaborative partnership with Warwick Castle. Over 150 people attended and the 1st May will now become an annual day dedicated those bereaved.