The Circle of Women

The Circle, in partnership with leading women from our global network and our grassroots partner in South Africa produced “She Came To Me”, a powerful and emotive film telling the story of the Nonceba Refuge which provides a sanctuary for survivors of gender-based violence.

“She Came To Me” was created to share the stories of these brave and resilient women, and to amplify their words around the world. Directed and co-produced by actor and filmmaker Saffron Burrows, the script was crafted by Circle member, writer, actor, and women’s rights activist, Lorien Haynes, and is a poem written from four women’s verbatim testimonies of their experiences that led them to the Nonceba centre. It is told through the lens of Centre Manager Nuzuko Conjwa, played by Oscar and Bafta-nominated actor Marianne Jean-Baptiste. The film had a wide level of reach after being shared by high profile supporters such as Annie Lennox, Bernadine Evaristo, and more, for a combined reach of 1.3 million. It also featured on Independent News, was showcased at Circle events, and was used as an engagement and impact tool. The film played a pivotal role in raising £250,000 for The Circle's 16 Days of Activism campaign, and we received fantastic feedback from viewers and our grassroots partner.