Sense Sign School an engagement campaign that beat benchmarked recruitment targets by 500%.

Until now, Sense has had a traditional acquire and retain approach to fundraising. But with results in stasis, they wanted to try something new that would authentically engage new audiences while disrupting traditional victim narratives around disability. A breakthrough in how Sense communicates with the rest of the world one that truly represents who they are and what they stand for.

Devised by GOOD Agency, Sense Sign School invited people to learn basic British Sign Language via pre-recorded video lessons. Their teacher was Tyrese Dibba a teenager with Charge Syndrome who Sense has supported for many years.

The campaign launched in April 2020, to a country in lockdown. Market research had uncovered an audience ready to improve themselves by learning new skills and improve the world by making it more inclusive. We believed lockdown would only increase this.

And we were right. In the first week alone Sense Sign School enrolled over 8,000 new students, and that has since grown to 41,000 against a benchmarked target of 6,850. The campaign gained national coverage, featuring on major news outlets such as BBC, Sky, ITV and Channel 5.