Save Our Zoo

Chester Zoo

In 2020, Chester Zoo faced the biggest challenge in its 90-year history when it was forced to close because of the pandemic. Six months later and the world-famous Zoological Society had raised £4.8million with its global fundraising campaign, ‘Save Our Zoo.’ With more than 3,000 pieces of media coverage, including 605 headline mentions on both sides of the Atlantic, it’s safe to say the team at Chester Zoo made a splash with their emotive, intelligent and compelling campaign. ‘Save Our Zoo’ became a fundraising sensation thanks to its simple and wide-reaching message. It resulted in £3.6million in donations, 137,000 new donors and more than 1300 community fundraisers. A further £1.2million was raised through animal adoptions, bringing the total amount to £4.8million. Chester Zoo worked tirelessly to support fundraisers during the campaign, responding to, and individually thanking, everybody for their support. The team also celebrated all fundraisers on social media to share their stories and thank them for their commitment. From animal lovers to conservationists across the world, everybody stepped up to ensure Chester Zoo could continue its vital work. Over 90 countries pledged support, while 137,000 people offer donations, allowing the zoo to continue fighting extinction and creating unforgettable experiences.