The Sparkle Foundation

If being held at knife point, suffering a severe brain injury, being wrongfully arrested in Malawi and rushed to hospital for a life threatening operation and nearly dying seven times wasn't enough for Sarah to give up on her dream of changing lives over the last 30 years, then COVID-19 certainly wasn't going to stop her. In 2019, Sparkle has grown both in terms of it's turnover and outreach dramatically. From what started as one 18-year-old wanting to make a difference to one child's life, is now a medium sized charity which employs 30+ staff, supports 17 communities and 300 children on a daily basis. She has had over 200 volunteers globally supporting her and has spoken at more than 150 speaking events around the world. Sarah not only has developed a School leadership programme which is being rolled out in Schools across Europe but has created a corporate partnership programme which is being used by one of the largest legal firms in the world to help employees make a lasting change. She has empowered children as young as 4 to make a difference and is creating a movement of people who want to do charity the right way.