Sal's Shoes - Finding New Feet

Sal's Shoes

Sal’s Shoes is a small charity with a big heart. It relies on the generosity of its volunteers and donors, both private and corporate, to do what it does. In just 8 years since receiving its first pair of outgrown shoes, the charity has now found new feet for more than 3 million pairs in 54 countries worldwide! Crossing continents to make sure that your used, loved (and barely worn) outgrown children’s shoes are delivered straight from you to those in need. As well as protecting small feet, Sal’s Shoes has been able to change the course of many young lives, by affording children access to an education that would otherwise be denied without the required shoes. It has also saved over 3 million pairs of shoes from landfill.

Here in the UK, the charity works tirelessly to preserve dignity in poverty, with its ‘Shoe Shops’ located around the country, offering people (via referral) the opportunity to browse and choose their children’s shoes and have a shopping experience, with no cost attached. Founder CJ Bowry remains involved with all the sorting sessions at the warehouse; has travelled the world to accompany deliveries and knows her distribution network personally.