Surfers Against Sewage

The Safer Seas Service (SSS) is an innovative mobile app providing real time water quality information direct to the palm of your hand. It allows surfers, swimmers and other water users to find beaches with the best water quality, and to avoid pollution and the associated health risks. The app provides vital public health information, but also allows users to take action to campaign for cleaner seas. Users can email their local Member of Parliament when there is a sewage spill at a beach in their constituency, calling for action to be taken to end sewage pollution. Health reports can also be submitted to SAS, allowing SAS to track health risk hot spots, supporting our #EndSewagePollution campaign. Covering over 370 bathing waters across the UK and with over 17,000 users, the app has issued 270,000 notifications since its launch in 2019 with over 900 emails sent to a total of 64 MPs demanding better water quality to keep us safe when using the sea.